A Story of Guilty Desires.
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Speak Easy

Hello Doctor? I need your help. Why, I think I lost my will to live but I can't for the life of me recall where I left it…

Schuldehaus Sanitorium welcomes its newest patient, a lost soul eager to restore life's patter. Immersed in a charged environment where consciences are cleansed and walls have ears, Ruby must decipher who she was to discover who she will become. Part Avenger mystery, part self-help program, Speak Easy explores the latest fad in a decade that invented them.

Created and performed by the multi-award winning SaBooge Theatre, Speak Easy was first presented as a workshop production at the Montreal New Classical Theatre Festival September 2005.

"An artistic extravaganza … an immensely talented company" (The Montreal Mirror)

Led by the maudlin wail of the theremin, Speak Easy is a jittery, schizophrenic, tragic farce set to the cadence of human folly and guilt. Follow five patients' sorry scuttle to where vices are closeted and the messy truth unleashed in all its claustrophobic detail.

"Without doubt, SaBooge will be a gale force to be reckoned with in the future. Catch them now before the tide takes them away." (The New York Sun)

Speak Easy by SaBooge Theatre with the original cast of Angela Gallupo, Patrick Costello, Alison Darcy, Darcy Bruce, Attila Clemann, Trent Pardy, Kayla Fell, & Andrew Shaver. Directed by Adrienne Kapstein. Script by Jodi Essery. Set by Attila Clemann and Simon Harding. Sound Design by Jeff Lorenz. Lighting by Simon Harding.

Speak Easy was created by SaBooge Theatre with the assistance of the National Arts Centre (Ottawa); and the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Interdepartmental Partnership with the Official-Language Communities (IPOLC), an initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage; and by the Swarthmore College Project in Theatre.