Mr. Web's Machine (2001)

Wildside Festival 2003

After playing to rave audiences and being selected by Montreal's Gazette as the "top draw" of the Festival, SaBooge plans to return to Montreal in 2004 with our new project, currently in development.


The Gazette, Montreal, January 11, 2003

Wildside Festival at the Centaur Theatre

Hatched is top draw at five-title festival

Hatched, in tonight's 9 o'clock slot, is an irresistible display of physical theatre that wins my vote as the top draw at the five-title festival.

The SaBooge Theatre production blends mime, clowning and commedia dell'arte into a riotous dazzle of superb stagecraft, bright costumes and props that could give buffoonery a good name.

The 90-minute performance is beautifully paced with two live musicians, a keyboard and a trumpet-playing percussionist accompanying the five actors quick-changing into multiple roles as they travel from 1899 London to Saint Petersburg and on to Siberia.

The Mirror, Montreal, January 16, 2003

Fill Your Boots

January kicks off a prolific period of plays

January, normally a slow month in English theatre, is shaping up to be anything but in 2003. It got underway at the Wildside Festival at Centaur, which continues through this weekend. And there are at least six more openings before the month is out.

Of the five shows at the Wildside, one of the hottest tickets should be Hatched, an original show by an international collective called SaBooge. Hatched is a clown and commedia-inspired creation about a Victorian circus performer who is supposedly part-woman, part-bird...

The performance features two live musicians and five performers who do the work of about 10. I'm still trying to figure out how one of the women (I initially thought she was two women) managed her costume changes. In simplicity of decor and concentration on the physical, the show is reminiscient of Theatre Smith-Gilmore's Chekhov's Shorts, seen last season at the Saidye... this is a magical, entertaining evening well worth the trip.