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International Theatre Camp

International Theatre Camp

Born in July 2000 in Kenora ON, the International Theatre Arts Camp is a 5 day intensive arts experience for students 8-18 years old, created by the International Summer Arts Collective. Students at all levels participate in theatre games, movement exercises, introductory performance techniques, rhythm and music, mime and stage combat, as well as special activities at each experience level. Participants develop a strong sense of teamwork, self-confidence, focus, co-ordination and creative expression, and discover specialized arts skills in a day camp setting with instructors from all over the world.

Participants are grouped according to age: 8-10yrs, 11-13yrs, 13-15yrs, and 15+ yrs.


First-time participants, regardless of their experience with the arts, start in the beginner program, where special activities include juggling, circus sticks, introductory puppetry, mask making and mask play.


Students who have completed the beginner program develop further on these skills, and participate in special activities including hand puppets, commedia del'arte mask making and character, ring juggling and magic.


Third time participants perfect their skills, continuing to build a repertoire of theatre games, physical skills and self confidence with an emphasis on creative storytelling. Groups work together towards a final presentation using all of their accumulated skills and techniques.